Property in Bishopscourt

A customized service for the overseas purchaser of Property in Bishopscourt .

Things the overseas purchaser of property in Bishopscourt must take into consideration:

Overseas prospective buyers of property in Bishopscourt can be quite shocked at the property buying process in South Africa .

Despite the fact that there exists tremendous property in Bishopscourt, the purchasing process gives very little, in the way of protection, for the unguarded purchaser. South Africa’s property purchasing process is professional and legally strong however it is strongly skewed in the direction of the seller. Factors which need to be taken into consideration include :

  • Real estate agencies act for sellers. As such they are instructed to attain the absolute best selling price along with terms and conditions, that suit the sellers needs when completing a sale. The overseas buyer is at odds with this seeking to pay the lowest price possible and agree legalities that protect them.
  • Real estate agencies are sometimes constrained, to specific areas and are needless to say, limited to offering prospective buyers only the property in Bishopscourt that they have been mandated to sell.  Overseas buyers will want to be exposed to as much suitable property in Bishopscourt as possible in order to assess all opportunities.
  • There is not any appointed attorney to specifically provide for the protection of the purchaser or to provide you with them advice. There is no doubt independent legal counsel and expert opinion should be sought by all buyers.
  • Offers are made to purchase a property in writing and are legally binding, in most instances without having cooling off time period. This means the overseas buyer is compelled to make a definite decision to purchase or not, very often without the afore mentioned legal and expert guidance, that is irreversible.

So whats the soluti0n?

Virtually any real estate transactions entail a level of risk. Needless to say the more acquainted you are with the property purchasing procedure, geography and environment the smaller this risk is. For anyone ‘not in the know’ the probabilities of potentially dangerous mistakes multiply expediently.

Paradoxically overseas purchasers of Bishopscourt property, who do not contract their own property consultant, frequently ask for advice from the very party which is rewarded to sell the property and legally care for the sellers interests, the selling estate agent.

By using the services of SAHomeBuyers the overseas purchaser benefits from having their very own local expertise. Expertise which is unashamedly prejudiced when it comes to taking care of a prospective buyers best interests. One of the most surprising aspects, of utilising SAHomeBuyers, is that as long as any purchase is concluded via us, the service is free of charge.

Our service

We Search and evaluate
Our proactive search for property in Bishopscourt is carried out after we possess a crystal clear awareness of your requirements. Our search is a proactive property search in which we review all ‘on the market’ properties, both listed and non listed. As we have no allegiance to a particular estate agent, developer or home owner, SAHomeBuyers are able to gain access to more property in Bishopscourt than the general public. The result is you will benefit from a considerably broader selection of properties to see, as well as properties which have been vetted against your preferences, from which to make your selection.

Once we have evaluated all of the identified properties, we are able to put together a shortlist of those that meet your requirements for presentation to you for your consideration..

Once you have considered the shortlist and decided which properties warrant a personal viewing, we will schedule and accompany you, ensuring we counsel you on the advantages and disadvantages of each and every property.

We negotiate your purchase & supervise the whole moving in process

Negotiation – After we have located you the ideal property we will undertake all the negotiations on the sales price. This is where our expertise and know-how undoubtedly advantages you; in most instances we have saved clients substantial amounts off the asking price allowing you to procure the property for the best possible selling price possible.
Legalities – Our experienced property consultant, alongside the expert services of our retained legal counsel, will assist you throughout the completion of the legally binding offer to purchase. We are going to make sure you fully grasp all the terminology and clauses in addition to making recommendations with regards to the inclusion of any suspensive clauses we think are advisable.
Supervise – Once the offer to purchase has been accepted we are going to continue to keep liaising with all the necessary parties on your behalf, handling any difficulties or concerns that could come up.

Our service is all encompassing, our responsibility is to see you contentedly settled down into the perfect house, in the perfect area at the perfect price. We are committed to keeping track of the whole purchase process from offer to moving in, liaising with your legal team, surveyors and banks. We aim to make your purchase of property in Bishopscourt, together with your moving in, as smooth and trouble free as is possible, an achievement our clients frequently confirm to in their experience with SAHomeBuyers as a dependable and tactful partner

Much more for the overseas purchaser of property in Bishopscourt

Our work continues as we appreciate the numerous diverse requirements of the overseas purchaser and we are in a position to provide you with an assortment of in house services which includes :

  • Permits and visas – both long and short stay
  • Financial Matters such as
    • Transferring money and exchange control regulations
    • The a variety of insurances including house and medical
    • Private banking
    • International tax advice
    • Company set up  for individuals wanting to begin a business venture in South Africa).


As an overseas individual purchasing  a property in Bishopscourt the process is really so much more than a straightforward selection process . SAHomeBuyers provides you with all of the the necessary facts to help you to make knowledgeable judgments concerning any purchase of property in Bishopscourt –  in addition to a much more discerning service which is completely focused on the purchaser.

To view property in Bishopcourt , and also find out more about our professional services for overseas purchasers, contact Marco Garuti our Bishopscourt Property Director and see what a difference a professional buyers consultant can make to your next property purchase.
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