Properties for sale in Bishopscourt

Properties for sale in Bishopscourt


You were probably expecting an inviting array of properties for sale in Bishopscourt on this page, please don’t be disappointed as we going to show you how You can search for all properties for sale in Bishopscourt with just one email or phone call. Not only that but also benefit from a host of other service attributes by using the services of an expert and independent buyers agent.

Read on and learn why many property buyers will not purchase property without the services of a property buyers consultant.

How does it work?

At SAHomeBuyers, we don’t sell properties, we don’t list any properties for sale, and we have and never will, work on behalf of a seller of a property in Bishopscourt.

We, SAHomeBuyers, are not affiliated to any particular estate agent or developer and are not restricted in what areas or properties we can introduce you to. The result is a more thorough and comprehensive search that is not burdened by the need for us to sell you a property in order to earn commission from a seller.

Of course we accompany you on all viewings, viewings that we have arranged from a careful understanding of your requirements and a thorough search of the marketplace. You can expect to hear the good and the bad that the property and area has to offer. Further, we don’t just show you bricks and mortar we make sure you understand the environment you will be moving into.

Its a relaxed un-pressured process as we are not compelled by owners to sell a property in a certain time period. When the right  home has been selected, from the properties for sale in Bishopscourt, you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the terms, conditions and negotiations.

We look after yours, the buyers, interests. Working with or retained attorneys we will advice on clauses contained in the offer to purchase agreement and those we think need adding. Our price negotiations focus on what the property is worth, not what it is being advertised for. With industry tools and local knowledge we have saved clients significant amounts off the asking price.

We don’t sell properties because we are retained by the buyer to act in their interests, so in appointing a buyers consultant you can rest assured you are benefiting from a service that selling agents simply can not provide.

Searching and securing properties for sale in Bishopscourt the SAHomeBuyers way:

Buyers agent Estate agent
Does not sell property Sells property
Negotiates the best price for the buyer Retained by sellers to get the highest price possible price
Access to all properties for sale Access to property for sale they have in stock
Independent Promotes their agency
Fully licensed Fully licensed
Buyer biased Seller biased


Getting started with your search for properties for sale in Bishopscourt

Before contacting us you probably want to know what we charge for our service. In 99% of cases our service is free of charge as we are remunerated by the selling agent.


You may never have never used a property buyers consultant before but now is the right time to find out more about how we work. Simply call us or use the e-mail link below for a free consultation with no obligation. We are confident that when you hear more about the benefits to you, you’ll never buy a property without a buyers consultant again.

To discuss your requirements for Properties for sale in Bishopscourt, email us or phone our area buyers consultant Marco Garuti on + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.