Property Buyers Consultant

For those who have not ever utilised a property buyers consultant before, please read on.  Not just are they very much available and provide you with a dedicated property buyers service,  but  in the overwhelming majority of instances, incur zero cost to the you buyer.

Why use a Property Buyers Consultant?

A dedicated resource for the buyer

When compared to real estate agencies, who are contractually responsible to the owner to attain the very highest price, and appropriate legal conditions on the home sellers behalf, a property buyers consultant is retained by you, the buyer. Their role is to research and assist you to secure a property at the least expensive price as well as with terms and conditions that take into consideration your needs.

Balancing the odds and protecting the buyer

The South African property purchase procedure finds the owner assisted by their real estate agent and their conveyancing legal adviser. As the purchaser, you have no assistance and is regrettable that all too often you are left to your own devices to transact what could be one of the most significant monetary decisions you are ever going to make. This inadequate professional assistance places you at an increased risk, that can produce extremely serious consequences. A Property Buyers consultant will there be to work with you and you alone. Together with their retained attorneys they provide impartial and essential expert assistance that focuses on looking after your interests.

A more thorough search that encompasses the whole marketplace

A Property Buyers Consultant will be able to gain access to all Bishopscourt Property for sale, regardless of whether listed with a real estate agency or available privately. Frequently a Property Buyers Consultant is also able to locate more “unique” properties along with off plan developments prior to these becoming made public to the broad marketplace.

Save money on the purchase price

The larger number of purchasers look at the asking price as an estimation of the properties worth and then build negotiations on prices around this. The simple truth is the asking price is a selling price supplied by the selling agent, who happens to be working for the owner, to attain the highest sales price.
By using industry experience, marketplace insight and analysis based on suitable historical records, a buyers agent will determine and assess the correct worth of the property.

After that, we negotiate the best possible purchase price for you, quite possibly saving hundreds of thousands (and in some cases millions) of rand.  Purchasers making use of a Property Buyers Consultant can purchase with additional confidence knowing that they are not paying over the odds for the property of their choice.

Legal and expert guidance completing the offer to purchase

Any kind of formal interest in buying a piece of real estate is registered by submitting an offer to purchase (OTP). The OTP will be a pre printed contract produced by the estate agency which is needless to say written from an owners prospective.

It is a legally binding contract and it normally includes a clause declaring the property sold as seen, all this with no cooling period in the vast majority of cases.

On top of that it includes a whole lot of legal ‘lingo’ and a modest space for the insertion of any specific suspensive conditions. Completion of an OTP, which states the basis for the house purchase, ought not to be considered without having impartial professional and legal guidance. Your chosen Property Buyers Consultant will provide you with that professional guidance together with their retained legal counsel.

No pressure and informed decisions

Real estate agencies function in a pressured or pushed environment of zero fee if they achieve no sale. They negotiate time bound mandates with the seller that state that if they do not achieve a sale within a certain period of time they earn no commissions. In addition to this they subsequently proceed to invest and risk their very own money in seeking to entice a buyer. It is really quite understandable why prospective buyers can feel pushed or pressured and hurried into making decisions, decisions they could rue down the road. As your retained Property Buyers Consultant, SAHomeBuyers is under absolutely no pressure to make sure you purchase a specific property or purchase in a specific time period. We continue to be unashamedly one-sided when it comes to you the purchaser and working in your very best interests with all the property options properly assessed and thought through.


Acquiring a property is a considerable investment of your time, wealth and also emotion. For a lot of us it is usually the most significant financial transaction we are going to ever make.

Making use of a Property Buyers Consultant will alter the route you purchase property permanently. Give us a phone call or perhaps drop us an email to discover more.

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